Create a font

FontCapture, a web application that lets you create a computer font from your own handwriting. It’s totally free, and there’s no software to download.
Simply print out and fill in the font template using your own handwriting. When you’re done, scan and upload the template, let FontCapture do it’s magic, and download the generated font to your computer.
The fonts you create using fontcapture.com can be used on both Windows and Mac computers.

Funny Women Pictures (1)

Funny Woman Pictures (1)

Free Mastermind Online

Ultimate MasterMind, enhanced java version of the classic game of logic - Mastermind.

Hint & Give Up buttons, Timer display, Difficulty level can be selected from 24 to over 43 million and you can make up to 24 guesses.

You can play using numbers (1-9) as well as colors, Score and Games Won / Played are displayed. Various options can be selected. Source code is available upon request. Enjoy the game. Exercise your mind.

Brands of the World

Brands of the World is the most comprehensive resource and most visited web site for copies of the world's famous brand's logos in vector format. 

Brands of the World is also a great place for designers to upload their own logo designs with their professional details to showcase their work and get exposure.
An huge database containing hundreds of thousands of images free download in vector format (. eps). Please note that the marks are the legitimate owners.

Free Logo in Vector Format


All Free Logo represents a particular file, organized alphabetically and divided into categories, with company logo and not famous. 

The site offers the opportunity for registered users (free) community to download the material in vector format. AI,. EPS /. CRD. At the time of this review, the site features over 700 logos, 20 categories and over 18,000 users.

Free Video Editing with Stupeflix

Stupeflix is an interesting web project for those who delights in video editing. 

Stupeflix provides an online editor that allows you to create movies using pictures, audio, text. The service is functional and intuitive, accessible to users shortly, providing more opportunity for more experienced developers to make the best use of the API project. Stupeflix technology produces videos encoded in your favourite format in no time (up to 3x faster than real time).

Output formats are provided for mp4 and flash. To get an idea of the potential of Stupeflix, just look at the demo on the pages of the site. Stupeflix requires a free registration.
VapURL, another free tool to link temporary "throwaway" maturity.

It's very simply: fits the link to share, you determine the number of visits and the length of time before it vanishes and you go along. For example we can determine that after 100 visits a day and the URL do not work anymore.

Beyond these values the link provided by VapURL stop working.

This is a free service that does not require registration.

Link: VapUrl

Free dictionary Everest Dictionary

Everest Dictionary is the greatest of the free dictionaries available to the public. There are 35 dictionaries available to date. Its creator assured us that he will keep adding other dictionaries.

- Covers all main european languages
- The possibility to search words in many dictionaries
- It is possible to search words across many dictionaries
- It is possible to sesarch words using an index
- Speech agent; in the beta version, only the English words are correctly pronunced
- Intuitive aspect
- The search of the words can be customised
- The double-click-ing on a word will generate the automatic search of that in the active dictionaries
- Back button to return to the previous definition
- It monitors the clipboard; in any program, a simple copy of the word to the clipboard using "Copy" command will have as effect the automatic search of the word in the dictionary.
- It includes a little window (in order to learn new words), where it shows a word at random from the loaded dictionary
- The color of the found words can be customised.
- Everest Instant: translate words using clicking on words in the open documents
- Everest Game: a good tool for testing your knowledge of the language
- Everest Translator NEW - translate texts in severeal languages
- Everest Glossary NEW - create your own glossaries
- Everest Share NEW - share your glossaries and translations with your friends
- Everest Resources NEW - manage your favorite web sites.

Basic Chinese Words

Semanda is not downloadable software, but a website for children and beginners for learning basic Chinese words using illustrated online and printable PDF flash cards and multiple choice quizzes.

The flashcards use both simplified Chinese characters (hanzi) and pinyin, and are available both online and as printable PDF files. The wordlists cover a wide range of basic concepts, such as colors, animals, fruits, vegetables, vehicles, furniture etc. New flash cards are added all the time, so please check back regularly for updates!

Learning Chinese Language for Free

Chinese Practice is free program and always will be including all the lessons published on this site, but I will not translate my own lessons anymore - if you want to share your lessons with other users, you are welcomed. This free program help to you as you learn Chinese, it will not teach you Chinese, it's meant to accompany your study at a school. Offers text-to-speech synthesis, multimedia features, merging and editing lessons, skinning support, includes talking Chinese-English-pinyin dictionary and Chinese text reader.

Chinese Practice will not teach you Chinese, it's a program meant to accompany your study at a school. When you come home from class, create new lesson and write down new words and phrases. First practise the last lesson, then open couple of most recent lessons, from time to time open and practise all lessons. Freeware only for Windows.

    * Open multiple lessons and merge them together, skip terms you already know, practise words and/or phrases in random or sequential order
    * Edit or create your own lessons in internal editor or any text editor with Unicode support
    * Listen to the pronounciation and see the strokes order through associated multimedia files
    * Hear any chinese phrase read out through text-to-speech synthesis
    * Organize your vocabulary - sort, print, save, use different fonts...
    * Use different skins, create your own
    * Write chinese characters directly into your memory cells with unique Brain Flash technique
    * Find out radical, character codes, traditional form, definition and dictionary entries for hanzi characters
    * Use integrated talking Chinese-English-pinyin dictionary
    * Use talking chinese reader with auto dictionary.

It is still possible to switch to Windows 10 for free

Microsoft, with Windows 10, had decided to distribute it almost for free to those who already had Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 on their PC. ...