Free Sound Clips

Royalty free sounds with PdSounds.

Pdsounds volunteers record free sounds for the public domain. Browse the Catalog or use the search. Catched a good sound? Hunted a weird noise? Went discovering with your recorder? Share your finds with the public and upload them.

The mission PdSounds is to record and share recordings of everything that we can hear. This will only be limited by what personally struck us to record it, and by common sense.

How To Make Hot Ice

Free Simple Virus Protection

AMPAWsmasherX, a simple virus protection application that can be very useful.

AMPAWsmasherX protects your system from autorun viruses. You may also use it as removing known and unknown malwares "manually" with the tools included. It will give you some protection on registry that some malwares changes as they files is being hijack which is not included when you use those tools standalone which will end your system useless.

Trojans usually add startup entry to registry and run their programs everytime windows start. It will also disable editing registry and common tools like taskmanager preventing users to remove and kill the process of these Trojans.

AMPAWsmasherX is a simple to use tool that can give offer you protection over the latest malware. It will also ask you if you want to delete programs included on the syntax of the autorun.inf. Automatic remove some known viruses and enable taskmanager, run, regedit incase disabled by viruses.

Compatible: Windows XP, Windows Vista. Download 3.8 MB.

Freeware to transfer pictures from digital camera

WIA-Loader transfers pictures from a camera or flash card to the PC. It offers many options to name image files and folders and give you the possibility to geocode pictures with gpx-files.


    * Fast and easy transfer of images to your computer
    * Brings structure to your photo collection
    * Uses different profiles for different tasks
    * Automatically rotates images (depending on EXIF data)
    * Embeds GPS data in your images
    * Creates HTML galleries for imported images
    * WIA-Compatible cameras can be 'remote' controlled:
          o Take pictures with a mouseclick
          o Exposure bracketing

To run WIA-Loader under Windows, you need .NET Framework 2.0 or better.  To run WIA-Loader on Linux and MacOS X, you need the Mono-Framework 2.4 as a replacement for .NET.

Compatible: Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3/Vista. Download 3.01 Mb.

Open Source Video Capture

VirtualDub is a video capture / processing utility for 32-bit Windows platforms, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

It lacks the editing power of a general-purpose editor such as Adobe Premiere, but is streamlined for fast linear operations over video. It has batch-processing capabilities for processing large numbers of files and can be extended with third-party video filters. It is mainly geared toward processing AVI files, although it can read MPEG-1 and also handle sets of BMP images. 

Compatible: Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3/Vista/7. Download 1,63 Mbyte. There is no native version for Mac OS X or Linux.

VirtualDub helps you get video into your computer.

If your capture device is Video for Windows compatible, then VirtualDub can capture video with it.  But VirtualDub isn't your average capture program:
  • Fractional frame rates.  Don't settle for 29 or 30 when you want 29.97.
  • Optimized disk access for more consistent hard disk usage.
  • Create AVI2 (OpenDML) files to break the AVI 2GB barrier and multiple files to break the FAT32 4GB limit.
  • Integrated volume meter and histogram for input level monitoring.
  • Real-time downsizing, noise reduction, and field swapping.
  • Verbose monitoring, including compression levels, CPU usage, and free disk space.
  • Access hidden video formats your capture card may support but not have a setting for, such as 352x480.
  • Keyboard and mouse shortcuts for faster operation.  To capture, just hit F6.
  • Clean interface layout: caption, menu bar, info panel, status bar.
VirtualDub lets you clean up video on your computer.

There are lots of programs that let you "edit" video.  And yet, they're frustratingly complex for some of the simplest tasks.  VirtualDub isn't an editor application; it's a pre- and post-processor that works as a valuable companion to one:
  • Reads and writes AVI2 (OpenDML) and multi-segment AVI clips.
  • Integrated MPEG-1 and Motion-JPEG decoders.
  • Remove and replace audio tracks without touching the video.
  • Extensive video filter set, including blur, sharpen, emboss, smooth, 3x3 convolution, flip, resize rotate, brightness/contrast, levels, deinterlace, and threshold.
  • Bilinear and bicubic resampling -- no blocky resizes or rotates here.
  • Decompress and recompress both audio and video.
  • Remove segments of a video clip and save the rest, without recompressing.
  • Adjust frame rate, decimate frames, and 3:2 pulldown removal.
  • Preview the results, with live audio.


Freeware for Diet Plain

Diet Buddy, free program was designed to accompany you professionally on your way to your dream weight.

Diet Buddy include a complete 16 week professional fitness and diet plan - the perfect substitute for a personal trainer. It is easy and fun to follow and guarantees fast success. All exercises are described and illustrated comprehensibly so that you will have no trouble at all following the routines, no matter what your training level is. If you do not like to stare at the computer screen while exercising - no problem! Just print out the routines and lose weight wherever you want.

Furthermore, valuable information on proper eating and cardio training will let you find out which foods to eat to gain best results and how many calories you burn in different activities. Even sample meal plans are included.

Now it is easy to get in great shape fast! See for yourself - for free.

Compatible: Windows. Download 1.02 Mbyte.

Test Your Geography

Usa Map Quiz, does not include Alaska and Hawaii due to map size restriction.

The 48 states are shown in turns on the US map; answer by clicking the know or dont know buttons. No typing required. Incorrectly answered questions are repeated randomly till answered correctly.

At the end of the test, a score is given. There is no history of scores.

Version 2.7 has improved display. One data error has been corrected. Questions are displayed faster; but there is timing, so you can take your time to answer.
If you have earlier Versions, please delete/remove before using Version 2.7.

Compatible:  Windows XP/Vista. Download 1.8 Mbytes.

Repair broken AVI file

DivFix++ repairs AVI files which other programs couldn't.

DivFix++ has supports CLI tools, this means you can fix, preview and delete movies automatically via script (by using argument parameters...)
DivFix++ program code supports lots of operating system, because it´s writen by cross-platform API, wxWidgets. Compatible with Linux, Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Mac OSX.

What's New in version 0.34:

    * Added Cross Win64 compilation target.
    * Added RPM spec and DEB control files.
    * Updated About->Translators strings layout for wx2.9.0.
    * Added wxWidgets 2.9.0 compatibility.
    * Added four_cc MJPG, Motion JPEG codec.
    * Changed Makefile for some compatibility for other OS.
    * Changed install mechanizm at make file.
    * Added resource.rc file for windows theme support.
    * Added Ukranian translation by Andriy B.
    * Fixed broken CLI mode thread.
    * Cleaned unneccessary code.
    * Updated Korean, Spanish and Italian Translations to v0.33

Download 900 Kbytes.

TV Shows on Internet

TVTrigger is a free resource for 3000+ shows, with all the information you need. Listen to shows’ official soundtrack, and watch episodes’ trailer. Also you can find information about a show’s cast, crew, episodes, and network.

TVTrigger also acts as a Bittorrent client. We provide you with a very efficient and practical torrent search engine and downloader designed only for TV shows. The search engine gives you the ability to search easily for a show by season, episode, or just by name. Adding a show to your favorites saves locally all the show’s information for easier and faster access, and enables the monitoring feature.

TVTrigger doesn’t collect or use any kind of personal information. TVTrigger may update this privacy policy by posting a new version on this page. You should check this page occasionally to ensure you are familiar with any changes.

Monitoring a show links between TVTrigger as the TV shows resource, and TVTrigger as a Bittorrent client. Monitoring automatically searches for the newest episode(s) for your favorite show, and immediately add it to your downloads list. Also you can find much more settings for every favorite show that could make your life much easier.


    * Listings.
    * Keeps you updated with new shows added.
    * Featured shows (Shows we recommend).

System Requirements:

    * Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.
    * Adobe shockwave player.
    * Adobe Flash.
    * Internet access.

For windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Download 9.69 Mbytes

File sharing friendlier and faster

DreaMule has an unbelievable technology mix and brings the file-sharing world exclusive resources available in DreaMule only. The plus of DreaMule is an easier searching tool and a more pleasant, user friendly interface, together with a hidden, vital enhancement which puts many people off file sharing programs.

One example is the Low2Low technology, DreaMule's resource that ends with the common problem of LowID. Fake files is a frequent problem in current file-sharing softwares. DreaMule developed a fake files detector - no more wasting of time! Besides comments from other users about quality and veracity of the file.

DreaMule resolves the issue of having a ‘low ID’. It’s an open source, ad-free application, no spyware, no virus. Multilanguage interface!

Key Features:
  • Integrated video and music codec free player!
  • User Country Identification Flags
  • Download history
  • Dismiss any setting;
  • Xtreme download control for faster downloads than ever;
  • Keyboard shortcut to hide DreaMule (with just one click you can temporarily hide DreaMule, useful to users at work)
  • Completely in your language;
  • Advanced Maella bandwitch control;
  • NAFC (feedback network control);
  • Improved upload control;
  • Xtreme credits system;
  • PowerRelease - for fast release;
  • Anti-Leecher, no more leechers that download only and harm the web!
Only for Windows. Download 6.6 Mbytes.

Link: download DreaMule


Freeware to Analyze and Benchmark Computer

PC WIZARD is among the most advanced system information programs on the market. A powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware, but also some more analysis. It's able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. This tool is periodically updated (usually once per month) in order to provide most accurate results.

is also an utility designed to analyze and benchmark your computer system. It can analyze and benchmark many kinds of hardware, such as CPU performance, Cache performance, RAM performance, Hard Disk performance, CD/DVD-ROM performance, Removable/FLASH Media performance, Video performance, MP3 compression performance.

Hardware Information

    * Mainboard / Bios (Connectors, ID String, MP Support ...)
    * Chipset (FSB Frequency, Norhtbridge, Hub, Direct Media Interface, XMB, NSI, ...)
    * Main Memory (FPM, EDO, SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDR-2 SDRAM, DDR-3 SDRAM, RDRAM, FB_DIMM, Timings ...)
    * Memory Profiles : EPP (SLi Ready), Intel XMP.
    * Cache Memory (L1, L2, L3, Size, Frequency ...)
    * Processors (Type, Speed, Multiplier coeff., Features, Model Number, Vanderpool Technology ...)
    * Coprocessor
    * APM & ACPI
    * Busses : ISA, PCI, AGP (2x, 4x,8x), SMBus/ i2c, CardBus, Firewire, Hyper-Transport ... )
    * DMI / SMBIOS
    * Mainboard Sensors, Processor, Hard Disk & Battery (Voltage, Temperature, Fans)
    * Video (Monitor, Card, Bios, Capabilities, Memory, Integrated Memory, Frequencies ...)
    * OpenGL & 3Dfx
    * DirectX (DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectSound (3D), DirectMusic, DirectPlay, DirectInput, DirectX Media)
    * Keyboard, Mouse & Joystick
    * Drives (Hard Disk, Removable, CD-ROM, CDRW, DVD ...)
    * SCSI (Card, Controller, Adapter, Devices ...)
    * ATA/ATAPI & S-ATA (Devices, Type, Capabilities, S.M.A.R.T. Features, RAID)
    * Ports (Serial, Parallel, USB, IEEE-1394)
    * IDE & SCSI Devices
    * Twain & WIA Devices
    * PCMCIA (PC Card) Devices
    * Bluetooth Devices
    * Sound Card (wave, midi, aux, mix, AC'97 codec, High Definition Audio)
    * Printers (Local & Network)
    * Modem (Features, Speed ...)
    * Network (Server, Connexion, Firewall ...)
    * Security (Scan Ports ...)
    * PocketPC & SmartPhone Devices

System Information

    * MCI Devices (mpeg, avi, seq, vcr, video-disc, wave) & ACM
    * SAPI
    * Passwords (Outlook, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Dialup ...)
    * DOS Memory (base, HMA, UMB, XMS, EMS, DPMI, VCPI)
    * Windows Memory
    * Windows (Version, Product Key, Environment, Desktop, XP Themes ...)
    * Windows UpTime (Boot, Shutdown, BlueScreen, System Restore Points ...)
    * TrueType & OpenType Fonts
    * WinSock (Internet), Telephony et Remote Access
    * OLE (Objects, Servers ...)
    * Microsoft® Applications
    * Activity (Process, Tasks, Threads)
    * Modules (DLL, DRV, 32 & 16-bits) & NT Services
    * Internet Navigator (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, FireFox)
    * .NET Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
    * ODBC
    * CMOS/RTC
    * Resources (IRQ, DMA, E/S, Memory)
    * System files (.ini, .log, .bat, .nt, .dos ...)

System Benchmarks

    * Processor (Dhrystone (MIPS), Whetstone (MFLOPS), Mandelbrot fractal ...)
    * L1, L2, L3 Cache, RAM (Bandwidth, Latency ...)
    * Main Memory (Bandwidth, Latency ...)
    * Hard Drives
    * CD/DVD Rom
    * DirectX 3D
    * Video
    * Removable/Flash Support
    * MP3 Compression
    * VISTA Experience Index

Compatible: All Windows. Download 4.5 Mbytes.

Download a Free System Cleaner

Comodo System Cleaner, a powerful suite of utilities and tools that allows you to make your Windows XP or Vista computer faster, more efficient and more secure.

Key Features:

    * Take control by customizing virtually every aspect of Windows XP or Vista behavior with just a few mouse clicks
    * Optimize system performance, disk space and overall stability with built in Registry Cleaner and Disk Cleaner tools
    * Gain complete visibility and control over your computer's hardware, software, processes and performance with powerful diagnostics tools
    * Ensure complete on-line and off-line privacy by clearing the history, cache and temp files of Internet browsers, Instant Messengers and Windows applications
    * 100% Safe Cleaning - Unique 'Registry Protection' and 'Safe Delete' features automatically roll back your system if important files were deleted in error

Available in 32 bit and 64 bit versions for XP and Vista and Windows 2003 server. Comodo System Cleaner is 100% free to home and business users.

Compatible: Windows Xp, Windows Vista. Download 19 Mbytes.

Free System Information Program

SimpleEye, a freeware stand-alone executable. No install required. Includes self-referencing link creation/deletion code.

It displays the following system information:

Local Date and Time.
Computer Uptime.
CPU(s) (Model, Manufacturer etc).
CPU Clock Speed(s) (MHz).
Graphics Card (Model, Manufacturer etc).
Audio Card(s) (Model, Manufacturer etc).
Network Card(s) (Model, Manufacturer etc).
USB Device(s). Processes (Total, minimum and maximum).
RAM (Total, load, minimum and maximum load (load including Page File)).
Local Disk Drives (Total space and load).
The information SimpleEye displays is updated every 60 seconds.
Dynamic information is flagged when in 'NetworkMode' (designed for roaming network users, or single-machine multi-user environments).

Requires: Win XP/2K/2003. Download 150 Kbytes.

Link: download free program to display system information.

Free Spyware Cleaner

Retina-X Spyware Cleaner is the fastest and easiest way to restore your PC's health and security absolutely FREE. Download this 100% free software now.

Does your PC run slower than ever? Get rid of spyware to speed it up! If you experience strange things happening on your computer, there's a chance that it could be infected with spyware.

Spyware and adware will silently send data back to the author's web site to track activities for advertising purposes, causing popups and other problems. It could even steal your personal information such as credit card or social security numbers.

Retina-X Spyware Cleaner allows you to regain PC security and performance. This feature-packed program will scan and remove all traces of spyware on your system with a frequently updated database. The effects will be noticed with Internet browsing, application usage and more. 100% Vista Compatible!


Scans your entire computer for spyware and adware
Removes or quarantines malicious objects with a simple click
Exclude objects you don't want to be scanned
Includes Live Update feature to update spyware definitions

Retina-X Spyware Cleaner is 100% spyware and adware free.

Compatible: All Windows. Download 3 Mbytes.

Free Program to Speed Up Computer

ReWIN is a free small tool that helps you repair, clean and speed up you computer. ReWIN increases overall speed by applying all necessary tweaks/optimizations. It changes registry settings from Windows XP, improving the performance and the functionality.

ReWIN has a deep system analyzer and diagnostic features which attempt to find and repair several potential problems with the computer affecting its performance. ReWIN analyzes and cleans up windows using a huge database of definitions, alghoritms and cleaning rules. It modify incorrect values and restore them to the appropriate settings.

A standard windows installation has many services turned on and running that you may not have any use for, consuming CPU and memory that can potentially slow down your system. ReWIN perform an automatic tune-up based on what is suitable for your system, setting up, enabling or disabling Windows services. Disabling the unnecessary services can result in significant performance gains for production machines and virtual machines.

The operating system gradually accumulates unnecessary information. This garbage considerably slows down the performance of both the operating system and installed software. ReWIN can remove all information that is useless for the user and only wastes space on the hard drive.

At the end of the repair process, ReWIN requires a reboot of the computer.


· repair, clean, speed up and regain control of your Windows XP.
· Repair: reset the file and registry permissions, fix several windows
· errors, rebuild the missing registry keys, fix clutter and faulty
· settings, reset to the default settings
· Speed up: perform several performance boosting optimizations,
· enable, disable and optimize windows services, fix security
· vulnerabilities, fix random crashes and restarts
· Clean up: remove useless and cached registry keys, folders and
· files, Windows updates, broken installer remnants, internet tracks

Compatible: Windows XP. Size to download: 3,1 Mbyte.

Freeware Disk Clone

PC Disk Clone Free is a handy cloning application. An self-bootable CD application that makes it easy to clone a hard drive or partition within your computer.

Key features:

Clone with High Speed:
· When you clone a hard disk to another within the computer box, the transfer speed can accelerate to 7GB per minute. You wait much less time than other competitive products.

Clone to Removable Hard Disk:
· PC Disk Clone can use a USB or Firewire(IEEE1394) cable to clone to an external drive.

Clone any System on any File System type:
· PC Disk Clone is independent of file system formats and operating systems.
· Clone unknown, hidden or proprietary Partition Formats
· Besides the abilities to clone NTFS, FAT, EXT2, EXT3, HFS, XFS, JFS and ZFS Disk Formats, cloning can also be very successful in case of unknow, hidden, or proprietary file systems.

Clone Dual Boot Systems:
· PC Disk Clone can copy hard disk with dual bootable systems. For instance, Windows and Linux within one hard disk can start up successfully in the backup disk.

Necessary Tool for Data Rescue:
· PC Disk Clone can also be used for data rescue. Because hard disk with defective areas always need to be copied to another disk before any recovery procedure. Otherwise, the recovery may cause further defects resulting from the inherent exposure of the recovery operation. PC Disk Clone reduces the exposure to its minimum due to its sector copy mechanism. (Note: Only Sector copy can be used to recover data from hard drive.)

PC Disk Clone is ideal to migrate Windows Systems to new computer with the help of Microsoft Sysprep tool. After a few preparation using sysprep, Migrating Hard Disk Data, as well as eliminating the annoyance of reinstalling Windows and of loosing personal information, will become easy and efficient.

Best Choice to Upgrade/Replace Hard Drive.

Compatible: Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / Linux-Unix. Download 67.3 Mbytes.

Freeware Photo Collections Organizer

Ashampoo Photo Commander 5 FREE is an all-in-one application for organizing, editing, sharing and presenting photo collections. It also features additional creativity tools and audio and video management capabilities, making it a complete media management package.

Ashampoo Photo Commander is compatible with over 60 graphics, video and audio formats are supported. Exclusive: Version 5 now includes full read and write support for transparent JPEGs (.jng files).

This free version is a major overhaul, bringing even more speed, better quality, many new features and effects and an enhanced user interface. For example, thumbnail generation and display are now faster than ever before.

Key Features and enhancements:

    * Faster: The entire program has been optimized throughout for more speed. For example, thumbnail generation and display are now much faster than ever before.
    * Better tools: All editing tools have been improved for easier and even better editing quality.
    * Frame Style Center: This new creativity tool enables you to add artistic picture frames and vignettes to photos. In addition to this you can also create high-quality greeting cards. Includes a wide selection of vignette styles and greeting card templates. Greeting cards can be mailed from within the program.
    * Collage Tool: Select photos and generate artistic collages complete with background images with a couple of clicks.
    * Calendar Tool: Create and print 12-month photo calendars in three different styles as novel gifts.
    * Full-screen editing: A new mouse tool bar makes it possible to edit your photos in full screen mode for maximum detail.
    * New mouse tools: Callout tool for creating text bubbles, clone tool for retouching photos, eraser tool.
    * Canon RAW files: Improved support for Canon RAW files, including faster loading.
    * CD/DVD burning: Completely new burning technology for saving photos and slide shows to CD and DVD.
    * Batch processing: Now includes an option for adding drop shadows to multiple images at the same time.
    * Skins: Improved skinning system, now also supports user-created buttons, also with graphic images. Menu colors are skinnable.

Size and Os: 5 MB / Windows 2K / XP.

Free Norton Removal

Norton Removal Tool can remove some Norton software from your computer.

Norton Removal Tool
runs only on Windows. Norton Removal Tool should be used only if you have tried to uninstall the Norton program using Windows Add/Remove Programs and that did not work.

Norton Removal Tool can remove:

· Norton AntiSpam 2004/2005
· Norton AntiVirus 2003 through 2007.2
· Ghost 2003, Ghost Version 9.0 and 10.0
· Norton GoBack 3.1 through 4.2
· Norton Internet Security 2003 through 2007.2
· Norton Password Manager
· Norton Personal Firewall 2003 through 2006
· Norton SystemWorks 2003 through 2007
· Norton Confidential Online 2007
· Norton Internet Security Add-on Pack
· Norton Save and Restore 1.0
· Norton 360

Size to download and compatibility: 774 KB / Windows 2K / XP / Vista.


Free program to uninstall unwanted programs

The Portable KUninstall a small, quick and powerful uninstaller. It was designed to be a small, quick and powerful uninstaller.

Key features of "Portable KUninstall":

· Search items with key words
· Unicode support
· Locate key in Registry
· Much faster than "Windows Add or Remove Programs"
· Show more detail information
· Use Finder to uninstall running program or desktop icons, quick launch toolbar, taskbar or system tray
· Scan for leftover registry keys, files and folders to delete

License: Freeware. OS: Windows 2000/XP. Language: English, Chinese. Light download 322 Kbytes.


Free Chat for Blogspot

Chatroll is a real-time communication service created by former Amazon.com and Microsoft employees. It lets online communities communicate and interact in real-time from anywhere, on any device.

Create a Chatroll for anything, whether it's for friends, family, work or fun. Because of its simple design and powerful functionality, over 100,000 people and communities are using Chatroll today!

Website and blog owners: instantly add real-time discussion to your website using Chatroll's simple-to-install chat widget.

Developers: integrate a highly scalable white-label chat solution into your existing application using the powerful Chatroll API.  

Best Freeware Antivirus Avast Home Edition

Avast! 4 Home Edition, excellent a freeware antivirus software for home non commercial use. It scans for viruses, worms and Trojans. Avast! 4 Home Edition obtained multiple VB100% award in Virus Bulletin reviews.

Avast! 4 Home Edition scans: On Demand - with Skinnable Simple Interface, during Boot Time and On Access. It protects E-mail, ICQ, mIRC, Kazaa etc. It maintains Virus Chest.
True incremental updates based on iAVS technology update virus definition at least twice a week.

Avast! 4 Home Edition is FREE to use but it is necessary to register before the end of the initial 60 day trial period. Following the registration you will receive by e-mail a license key valid for a period of 1 year. After you have downloaded and installed the program, the license key must be inserted into it within 60 days. The registration process is very easy, and it will take you only a couple of minutes.

Compatible: Windows Vista, Windows 95, Windows Me, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98. Download 36 Mbytes. Multilanguage support.

Freeware to Burn Cd Dvd Blu-Ray

CDBurnerXP, excellent freeware to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs.  

CDBurnerXP also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, as well as a multilanguage interface.

Key Features:

* burn any Data on CD-R/CD-RW/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RW, including double layer mediums
* create bootable discs
* verify written Data automatically after burning process
* save your compilations for creation of backups
* import previous (ISO 9660) sessions and edit existing file structure on CD/DVD
* quick- and full-erase disc
* copy data discs (possible copy-protection is not bypassed)
* retrieve recorder and disc information
* create Audio-CDs from mp3, wav, ogg, flac and wma files
* add single or multiple tracks from existing audio-CDs directly to your new compilation without ripping tracks before (add cda-files)
* play audio-files with integrated audio player
* gapless audio-CDs supported (disc-at-once-mode)
* import M3U or WPL playlists
* create your own ISO files
* convert bin- and nrg-files to ISO
* save CDs/DVDs as ISO file to
* simple cover printing feature for data- and audio-discs
* multi-language interface
* online update

Virus & Spyware Checked with Avast Antivirus. Compatible: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/Windows 7. Download 4 Mbyte.

Free defragmentation tool for Windows

UltraDefrag, powerful Open Source defragmentation tool for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Seven (Both 32bit and 64bit). It is very fast, because the defragmenting is done by kernel-mode driver.

There are three interfaces to them: graphical, console and native. The GUI is very useful, because it represents your filesystem visually as a color coded cluster map. The console is another option for those that prefer the command line. It allows you to run UltraDefrag from the task scheduler and scripts. Finally, the native executable will run at boot time in a manner similar to chkdsk.

The design of UltraDefrag is very simple. There are no skins and other unnecessary stuff. It is a small and powerful program with loads of enhancements and useful features. It has been translated to many languages.  

64 bit version available at authors site.  If you are having problems running UltaDefrag on Windows Vista then make sure to check out the VISTA INSTALLATION FAQ

Light Download: 674 Kbytes.


Freeware to Cleanup Windows Registry

Registry Repair is one of the safest Registry cleaning tools available in the market today. Its scanning engine is fast,thorough and safe.

This free cleaner tool allows you to fix your registry and optimize your PCs performance.With a few easy steps, you are able to find problems caused by invalid entries, references and links in the Windows registry and provides a list of the errors found, you can then choose to selectively repair each item or automatically repair them all.

Whenever you clean the Registry, a corresponding Undo file is generated for any changes made which can be used to recreate the entries deleted. You can restore any changes by clicking 'Restore previous repairs'. For added security,Registry Cleaner uses an 'ignore list' containing entries which when encountered upon while scanning are ignored.

Registry Repair will cleanup your Registry by finding

    * Invalid paths
    * Invalid file associations
    * Invalid file types
    * Invalid custom controls
    * Obsolete software entries
    * Dead file extensions
    * Invalid application paths
    * Invalid help paths
    * Invalid fonts
    * Obsolete start menu order
    * Adwares and Spywares that use registry
    * Invalid startup programs
    * Invalid shared programs
    * and all other dead entries through out the registry.

Compatible: Windows. Download 2.1 Mbytes.

How To Make Cool Photomontages

Make a cool photo montage in less than 10 seconds. It's really easy & completely free. No registration required.

Photomanger have lots of beautiful templates for making your photomontage. Categories include Love & romantic, billboards, and funny scenes.

Make great photo montages for free!

Free vocabulary trainer

Voca, previously known as Vocatude, is a free vocabulary trainer for Windows and Linux. You will learn foreign language vocabulary faster and perhaps you will even find it fun! Voca can be used for any language, or even other things you want to memorise. You only need a word list, which you can create yourself or download from this website. It’s easy to upload your own word lists and you are encouraged to share your work with other users.

Voca is free software, under the GNU General Public License. This means you are free to use it, distribute it, and change it to your needs. Do different types of exercises, including grammar, pronunciation and picture tests. Take tests with open answers, self-check, or multiple choice. Voca has support for multiple translations of a single word.

Voca is the result of many months of work over the course of several years.

Compatible: Windows - Linux. Download 2.56 Mbytes.

Halloween Icon Sets

Halloween is quickly approaching here’s some cute,scary, and gory design resources. The ultimate collection for creating Halloween designs over 2500+ Halloween Icons and vector resources, for designers.

An wonderful icon sets

Link: Download 45 Halloween Icon Sets and Vector Resources

Free Pdf Calendar 2010 to Print

Free Print Your 2010 12 Pages Mon thru Fri Landscape PDF Calendar No-Ads No-Logos.

2010 Calendars

    * 2010 Single Page (Annual)
    * 2010 Two Pages (Semi-Annual)
    * 2010 Three Pages (4 Months / Page)
    * 2010 Four Pages (Quarterly)
    * 2010 Six Pages (Bi-Monthly)
    * 2010 Twelve Pages (Monthly)
    * 2010 Fifty Two Pages (Weekly)
    * 2010 365 Pages (Daily)

Link: Download Free Pdf Calendar 2010

The Best Free Spam Filter

Free Spam Filter for Outlook / Express and Thunderbird

has partnered up with Microsoft to build the strongest, safest, and most effective anti spam filter on the market. If you use Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Thunderbird and you want to get rid of spam, just install SPAMfighter. And if you use it at home, it's 100%free.

Key Features:

  • SPAMfighter Standard is 100% free for home users
  • Award winning spam filter technology
  • Protects against "phishing", identity theft, and other email fraud
  • Free automatic updates 
  • Used by more than 6 million happy users around the World
  • Protects all the email accounts on your PC
  • Unique language filtering tool that empowers you to stop emails written in specific languages
  • Unique picture filter that can recognize spam which is sent as a picture
  • Automatic "real mail" protection - means no lost business mails!
  • Blacklist domains and emails
  • Spam Abuse Reporting with one click
  • Automatic Whitelist management
  • Privacy Guaranteed - we don't see any of your email
  • Does not filter based on simple phrases or "trigger" words. Allows any content
  • Language support: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Russian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Japanese, Czech, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish and Danish 
Operation system: 98, ME (32 bit), 2000, XP or Windows Vista (32 bit)
Email client: Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007, Outlook Express 5.5 or later, Windows Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0

Funny Photos Effects

Add Funny Effects to Your Photos Online with a free service FunPhotoBox.
Funny Photo Effects and Gif Animations.

FunPhotoBox lets you pick from tons of photo effects and allows you to add your own picture to it. It's really simple. You don't need to sign up or register to add effects to your photos. Simply log on to the website and perform the following 3 steps.

    * Select your Effect
    * Then Upload your Photo and
    * Save results.

You can upload your picture from your computer or use the web Url feature to upload any picture from the internet.

FunPhotoBox supports 3 image formats including JPEG, GIF and PNG. The maximum size of a photo can be up to 4MB. You can even post these pictures automatically to social media networks directly from the website.

Image Viewer Freeware

WildBit Viewer, a compact and fast image viewer with slide show and editor. Includes and eye catching interface within blazing fast folder, file list and thumbnail viewer. It offers users the ability to view, edit, and design slideshows with their pictures. With simple commands and fantastic results, photo lovers will find a lot to enjoy here.

WildBit Viewer includes also Image Info with Image EXIF meta data JPEG and TIFF support and IPTC (IIMV4) information (like PhotoShop file info) from JPEG and TIFF, Thumbview has changeable views, sorting and thumbnail predefined sizes for fast thumbnail size setting. Viewer also includes shell toolbar, you can drop your favorite folder there and use it as an organizer.

It also includes image compare. In Compare you can compare images side-by-side. In Favorites you can save list of favorite images and load list later on and you can create custom show in to Slide Show also that list you can edit with Custom Show List Editor. With Slide Show you can view images within 172 different transition effects. Slide Show includes now multi-monitor support for fast switching between two monitors.

WildBit Viewer supports all major graphic formats including BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF and TGA (over 70 formats).

Compatible:  Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 98. Download 8.46 Mbytes.

Link: download Free and Fast Image Viewer.

Free Lego Designer

LEGO Digital Designer, the best virtual building system out there – with its “Click-Stick” method of 3D modeling winning praise from children, parents, teachers and design enthusiasts everywhere. And, as the virtual design platform behind a growing number of LEGO products, LEGO Digital Designer is here to stay.

A host of improvements and new features are already in development, including an improved user interface, new connectivity, more life-like building, Technic compatibility and improved train building and animation. So stay tuned – with LEGO Digital Designer, the future is yours.

New features include:

    * New brick assortment
    * Support for train elements
    * Animated trains
    * Backgrounds in view mode
    * Sound effects
    * Minifigs and decorated bricks
    * HTML building instructions
    * Copy, Cut, Paste, Select All
    * Ldraw exporter

Compatible: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, Macintosh OS X 10.4 or higher. Big download 46Mbytes.

Free Software to allow anonymous surfing

OperaTor is a portable software bundle which allows you to browse the web anonymously. It combines the power of the Opera Browser, Tor and Polipo. Ideal free security software for surfing while at an internet cafe, library etc.

With OperaTor no data will be stored at the computer you plugged your portable memory into. OperaTor is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

This software bundle that can be easily installed on a portable memory (pendrive, usb stick, hard drive).

OperaTor weights 7 MB and is Windows only

Free Virus Removal Utility No-install

Trend Micro System Cleaner is a free comprehensive stand-alone virus removal utility using the latest virus definition file from Trend Micro used to detect and remove major viruses.

It can detect, clean or erase malware like viruses, worms and trojan horses. It replaces the traditional fix tool by addressing a wide variety of system infections rather than a specific malware infection. This program is not to be used as a permanent anti-virus solution. You can use this tool to clean up an infected system or as a second opinion for your current anti-virus scanner.

Trend Micro System Cleaner also produces a log file in which the scanning results are stored.


    * Hassle free - Easy to install and to use ! No more ´´Sysclean´´ to download or the Virus Pattern file to extract !
    * Scan for and delete all malware copies in all local hard drives
    * The fastest protection against new virus outbreaks
    * Terminate all malware instances in memory
    * Remove malware entries from system files
    * Uses powerful virus scanning engine
    * Remove malware registry entries
    * Creates detailed scan reports
    * User friendly interface

Compatible: Win 98/ME/2000/XP. Download 4.63 Mbytes.

Link: download Trend Micro System Cleaner stand alone

Firefox Anti-Virus Link Checker

Dr.Web anti-virus link checker allows you to check any file you are about to download, any page you are about to visit with online version of Dr.Web anti-virus.

This plugin allows you to check any file you are about to download, any page you are about to visit with online version of Dr.Web anti-virus!

New menu item "Scan with Dr.Web" will appear on hyperlink context menu.


Best Open Source Video Audio Player

The award-winning OpenSource media player available for Windows now!

SMPlayer, more than 192 Video- and 85 Audiocodecs are supported natively!
For maximum performance the package includes optimized MPlayer binaries for various CPU types. Furthermore the Full-Package includes the Binary Codec Package to enable even more audio/video formats.
Everything in one self-contained download :-)

The Light-Package is a stripped-down version of this package, that includes MPUI and the MPlayer binaries only.

Occasionally your Antivirus program may mistakenly detect "malware" (virus, trojan, worm, etc.) in some of the files here. This is called a "false-positive" and the files are actually innocent/clean. It´s an error in your specific Antivirus software.

Disponible a portable version of MPlayer, no install!

 Some features:

    * Configurable subtitles. You can choose font and size, and even colors for the subtitles.
    * Audio track switching. You can choose the audio track you want to listen. Works with avi and mkv. And of course with DVDs.
    * Seeking by mouse wheel. You can use your mouse wheel to go forward or backward in the video.
    * Video equalizer, allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and gamma of the video image.
    * Multiple speed playback. You can play at 2X, 4X... and even in slow motion.
    * Filters. Several filters are available: deinterlace, postprocessing, denoise... and even a karaoke filter (voice removal).
    * Audio and subtitles delay adjustment. Allows you to sync audio and subtitles.
    * Advanced options, such as selecting a demuxer or video & audio codecs.
    * Playlist. Allows you to enqueue several files to be played one after each other. Autorepeat and shuffle supported too.
    * Preferences dialog. You can easily configure every option of SMPlayer by using a nice preferences dialog.
    * Possibility to search automatically for subtitles in opensubtitles.org.
    * Translations: currently SMPlayer is translated into more than 20 languages, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese....
   * SMPlayer is under the GPL license.

Compatible: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/ Windows 7 - Linux. Download 27.10

To Convert Audio Video Files

XMedia Recode converts almost all known audio and video formats, including 3GP, 3GPP, 3GPP2, AAC, AC3, AMR, ASF, AVI, AVISynth, DVD, FLAC, FLV, H.261, H.263, H.264, M4A , m1v, M2V, M4V, Matroska (MKV), MMF, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, TS, TRP, MP2, MP3, MP4, MP4V, MOV, OGG, PSP, (S) VCD, SWF , VOB, WAV, WMA and WMV.

This freeware program uses a German interface by default but it can be changed in Optionen > Sprache to English, French, Japanese and Italian. It also has a portable version (no install).

XMedia Recode can only convert unprotected DVDs and converts: 3GP to AVI, 3GP to FLV, AC3 to MP3, AC3 to WAV, ASF to 3GP, ASF to FLV, ASF to MP4, AVI to FLV, AVI to 3GP, FLAC to MP3, FLAC to WMA, FLV into 3GP, FLV to Mp3, DVD to 3GP, DVD to AC3, DVD to AVI, DVD to MP3, DVD to MP4, DVD to MOV, DVD to SVCD, DVD to VCD, DVD to WMV, OGG to MP3, OGG to WMA, MPEG to AVI, MP2 to MP3, MP4 to FLV, MP4 to AVI, M4P to MP3, MOV to 3GP, MOV to AVI, MOV to FLV, WMA to MP3, WMV to FLV, WAV to MP3

To use the DivX codec, you need to have the DivX codec installed.


    * Video Editing
    * Parts of the video cut off (crop)
    * With freely selectable frame color (padding)
    * Color Correction (brightness, contrast, gamma, hue, saturation)
    * Drag-n-drop of video directly on the encoder
    * Selecting the picture size (1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 5:6, 11:9,16:9, 16:10, 2.21:1)
    * Zoom (no letterbox, the media, Pan Scan, Fit to Screen)
    * Direct Stream Copy function
    * 2-Pass Encoding
    * Volume correction
    * Volume Normalize
    * Framerate, bitrate, resolution can be adjusted
    * Can stream audio from most video formats, extract
    * Creates DVD copies of the Pocket PC
    * Creates DVD copies for your mobile phone
    * Creates DVD copies for the iPod and iPhone
    * Creates DVD copies for the PSP and PS3

Compatible: Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista. Download 4.16 Mbytes.

Freeware to Create Photo Album

JAlbum will create thumbnails of your images and display them in index pages in HTML. You can also have JAlbum produce slide shows of your images for easy navigation. The appearance of the generated albums can be fully configured through the use of skins.

Create stunning albums in a snap with the Jalbum application. Your home page is automatically created when you sign up and you can start sharing your albums right away. It's free.

Customize your albums' look with skins and your homepage with themes. Make your albums social with widgets. At Jalbum, your presentation is as unique as your photos.

Share your albums on Jalbum.net and/or on your favorite social network. Uploading is just one click either to yourname.jalbum.net or to your own site (if you got one).


    * Easy to use User Interface
    * Runs on many systems
    * Add images with drag & drop
    * Skins — endless customization
    * Add comments
    * IPTC and EXIF support
    * Apply filters
    * Other Filetypes
    * Share straight from your computer
    * Publish to the web
    * Your personal page: yourname.jalbum.net
    * Manage your albums
    * Create your own skin
    * Supports 32 Languages

Compatible: Windows (All) / MacOSX / Linux. Download 13.5 Mbyte

Freeware Games to download

In this site you can download many freeware games.


BTM Pro (Net+)     2.4MB   Cards
Briscola, Tressette and Madrasso against the computer or over the network. (LAN/Internet)
Yap Yamb (Net+)  362KB   Dice
Yahtzee like game versus a computer or other people, locally or over a network. (LAN/Internet)
Monopoly INT       114KB    Board
Famous board game for 2 to 6 players.
Logyx Pack            415KB   Logic
Collection of 30 different logic games under a single interface.
Classyx Pack        200KB    Classic
Collection of 5 different classic games.
Yea Chess             212KB   Board
Chess versus computer.

 Link: download many freeware games.

It is still possible to switch to Windows 10 for free

Microsoft, with Windows 10, had decided to distribute it almost for free to those who already had Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 on their PC. ...