Anti Trojan Freeware

Stop spyware trojans now! ProcessGuard is a multi-award winning cutting-edge program that greatly increases the security of your computer by preventing processes from being able to attack each other.

ProcessGuard protects your system against such a  wide variety of attacks, but one of the most important aspects of ProcessGuard is that it secures your other security layers. For example, ProcessGuard will stop your firewall and anti-virus programs from being attacked by trojans and viruses.

is available in two versions - a free version, and an inexpensive paid version. The free version doesn't have as many features and isn't as strong as the paid version but it's an extremely powerful program in its own right, allowing you to control application execution and protect programs from termination, modification and more, so even if you don't use the full paid version you'd be mad not to take advantage of the free version! Only for Windows.

  Advanced kernel-level protection
  Available in a FREE version!
  Intuitive interface, easy to use
  Provides multiple layers of security to block a wide variety of attacks
  Prevents the installation of rootkits and malicious drivers
  Prevents attacks on processes

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