Good Program to Backup and Recovery

Yadis! An easy-to-use backup-tool which will protect your personal data within minutes. It´s intuitive design will guide you through a few steps, and before you know it, your personal data is brought in safety.

When you use a backup-tool, it´s often a hard job to learn to know all of the features. And when you´ve finally managed to understand every possibility of that tool, you realize it´s not just that what you wanted.

Take a look around and discover all of it´s advantages:

    * It's FREE
    * It's small
    * It's easy to use
    * You can fully decide what to backup
    * It copies one on one your files to allmost any destination you want
    * You don't need Yadis! Backup to access the backed-up files
    * The marked folders are backed-up real-time (no scheduling needed!). You make a change? Yadis! Backup makes a backup
    * When your backup destination isn't available, Yadis! remembers the changes you have made. Whenever the location becomes available Yadis! starts backing up the changes. 
It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Compatible with: Win 98/ME/2K/XP/2K3/Vista. Light download: 655 Kbytes.

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