YesScript lets you make a blacklist of sites

NoScript plug-in is one of the most loved for the safety of open-source browser more beloved, Firefox. NoScript protect the user in the sea that is the internet: it blocks scripts that are executed.

NoScript has a problem: it is really tedious, forcing us to unlock all the sites during a daily visit.

NoScript is an antagonist to YesScript! His approach is completely different compared to NoScript, rather it is the exact opposite. YesScript allows Firefox to run all scripts in the various web sites, and the user, if it deems necessary, may insert a particular website in an blacklist. YesScript lets you make a blacklist of sites that aren't allowed to run JavaScript.

The advantage of this method is obvious: reduced interaction with the user is absolutely necessary. However, you lose that kind of prevention against malicious scripts that NoScript wants to give, however, because all scripts will run normally until the site is not blacklisted.

YesScript is able to choose which scripts to block (or if you do not run all the scripts in the same web address), and can be used even to eliminate invasive advertising (such as pop-ups that worsen the navigation) present in a variety of Web sites.

Link: YesScript

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