To teach children the alphabet and spelling

Teach children the Alphabet, Numbers, Counting, Reading and Spelling using sound, pictures and video clips. Using the recognition method, babies and toddlers learn by watching auto rotating lessons.

An educational Software to teach the Alphabet, Letters, Numbers, Counting, Reading and Spelling using Sound, Pictures and Video Clips. Use it at Home, Pre-school, Kindergarten, School or Business.
  • Kids as young as 18 months can learn to use the keyboard.
  • Children progress and learn to type the alphabet.
  • Story reading shows the child how words are used in sentences.
  • Flash words, shows the word and a picture that relates to it.
  • Spelling shows a picture of the word and puts blanks under it.
There is also a help button which pops the word under the dashes allowing the child to copy the word letter by letter. If the word is spelled correctly a video is played as a reward. Words can be added or deleted to the spelling. You can also create your own Spelling words or names to use with Kid Genius Spelling and Flash Words, using your own pictures, voice and video clips. Software can be set to US or UK English.For Win 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista.

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