Detect and delete rootkits

GMER is a free application that detects and removes rootkits. A rootkit is a software system that consists of a program or combination of several programs designed to hide or obscure the fact that a system has been compromised. Contrary to what its name may imply, a rootkit does not grant a user administrator privileges, as it requires prior access to execute and tamper with system files and processes.

GMER detects:

    * hidden processes
    * hidden services
    * hidden files
    * hidden registry keys
    * hidden drivers
    * drivers hooking SSDT
    * drivers hooking IDT
    * drivers hooking IRP calls

GMER also allows to monitor the following system functions:

    * processes creating
    * drivers loading
    * libraries loading
    * file functions
    * registry entries
    * TCP/IP connections 

Compatible Win NT/2000/XP/Vista. Download 275 Kbytes.

Link: download Gmer, freeware detects rootkits

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