Free vocabulary trainer

Voca, previously known as Vocatude, is a free vocabulary trainer for Windows and Linux. You will learn foreign language vocabulary faster and perhaps you will even find it fun! Voca can be used for any language, or even other things you want to memorise. You only need a word list, which you can create yourself or download from this website. It’s easy to upload your own word lists and you are encouraged to share your work with other users.

Voca is free software, under the GNU General Public License. This means you are free to use it, distribute it, and change it to your needs. Do different types of exercises, including grammar, pronunciation and picture tests. Take tests with open answers, self-check, or multiple choice. Voca has support for multiple translations of a single word.

Voca is the result of many months of work over the course of several years.

Compatible: Windows - Linux. Download 2.56 Mbytes.

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