Freeware Disk Clone

PC Disk Clone Free is a handy cloning application. An self-bootable CD application that makes it easy to clone a hard drive or partition within your computer.

Key features:

Clone with High Speed:
· When you clone a hard disk to another within the computer box, the transfer speed can accelerate to 7GB per minute. You wait much less time than other competitive products.

Clone to Removable Hard Disk:
· PC Disk Clone can use a USB or Firewire(IEEE1394) cable to clone to an external drive.

Clone any System on any File System type:
· PC Disk Clone is independent of file system formats and operating systems.
· Clone unknown, hidden or proprietary Partition Formats
· Besides the abilities to clone NTFS, FAT, EXT2, EXT3, HFS, XFS, JFS and ZFS Disk Formats, cloning can also be very successful in case of unknow, hidden, or proprietary file systems.

Clone Dual Boot Systems:
· PC Disk Clone can copy hard disk with dual bootable systems. For instance, Windows and Linux within one hard disk can start up successfully in the backup disk.

Necessary Tool for Data Rescue:
· PC Disk Clone can also be used for data rescue. Because hard disk with defective areas always need to be copied to another disk before any recovery procedure. Otherwise, the recovery may cause further defects resulting from the inherent exposure of the recovery operation. PC Disk Clone reduces the exposure to its minimum due to its sector copy mechanism. (Note: Only Sector copy can be used to recover data from hard drive.)

PC Disk Clone is ideal to migrate Windows Systems to new computer with the help of Microsoft Sysprep tool. After a few preparation using sysprep, Migrating Hard Disk Data, as well as eliminating the annoyance of reinstalling Windows and of loosing personal information, will become easy and efficient.

Best Choice to Upgrade/Replace Hard Drive.

Compatible: Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / Linux-Unix. Download 67.3 Mbytes.

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The software product shared is very useful and it is helpful for the data backup, i.e you can extract data from system. Nice job
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