Protect Password and Username from Keyloggers

KeyScrambler Personal, a free plug-in for your Web browser that protects your username and password from keyloggers.

It defeats keyloggers by encrypting your keystrokes at the keyboard driver level, deep within the operating system. When the encrypted keystrokes reach your browser, KeyScrambler then decrypts them so you see exactly the keys you´ve typed. Keyloggers can only record the encrypted keys, which are completely indecipherable.

It protects all your inputs against known and unknown keyloggers in  IE, Firefox, and Flock: your login credentials, credit card numbers, passwords, search terms, Java, Flash, PDF Forms, web email, and more. Absolutely Free!

Unlike anti-virus and anti-spyware programs that depend on recognition to remove keyloggers that they know about, KeyScrambler will protect you from both known and unknown keyloggers and hardware-keyloggers. You don´t have anything to learn about the program and you don´t have to do anything differently, but with KeyScrambler your important personal information will be a whole lot safer.

Compatible: Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista. Download 1,13 Mbytes. Tested spyware free!

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