Prolonged stay in front of the computer

The pain in your back, neck and shoulders is not simply the result of a
prolonged stay in front of the computer. Of course, a poor posture can cause
the disorder, which can lead to headaches, tension in the shoulders, neck,
forearms, wrists, back, hips, thighs and legs.
All this leads to extreme fatigue to the muscles and ligaments that support
your lower back and sometimes to tissue injury and spinal damage.

The best way to avoid these problems is to correct posture, keep physical
fitness and adopt a correct use of equipment.

The symptoms of back problems caused by excessive computer are:
Spasm and pain in the muscles of the neck and back
Inflammation of the soft tissues of neck and back
Pain during movement of the shoulders, neck and back, which involves other
muscles as a reaction,
Back pain in the buttocks, thighs and along the spine

The prevention of back pain and neck while you sit is not an exact science,
because there are many different opinions on the subject. However, there are
some common denominators on which the majority of chiropractors and other
medical professionals agree.

Then, here there are some rules to avoid the symptoms due to prolonged stay at
the computer:

Avoid being sprawled in front of the computer and do not work to your laptop
while you're lying in bed
Do not work at the computer for hours without a break
Do not neglect pangs or back pain waiting they will pass on their own

Avoid taking painkillers or anti-inflammatory. This will serve to mask the
symptoms but can lead to serious injury or permanent damage to nerves

Do not sit on one leg or with one´s legs crossed, because this causes
additional stress to the back

Do not sit with a laptop on one´s lap and look down at the screen: this causes
extra strain to the back, neck and arms

Get a chair that encourages using your back muscles, strongly suggested a
stool without a back and armrests. Back pain can be reduced or eliminated by
strengthening the lower back muscles due to active exercises in sitting

Use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse and make sure that their height is
adjusted correctly

Take a break every hour and do stretching exercises

If pain persists, it is useful to consult an expert. The chiropractor is a
medical professional, who can treat the dysfunctions of the spine. Pain in neck
and back may be the result of a misalignment and the chiropractor is proposed
to alleviate the problem with manual manipulation, exercise, massage and the
application of heat, cold and light.

If done correctly, massage therapy can help relieve pain and back strain. This
therapy should not be considered a substitute for proper medical supervision if
you experience any serious back problems.

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