LunaPic photo online editor

Lunapic, advanced online software (nothing to download) that allows you to edit pictures and add effects to our beautiful and professional photo shoots.
Graphical interface is simple and clear, it helps everyone and consists of a menu, where you can access all functions. By keeping an eye on the area where you can preview your image after various modifications. Create with simply SlideShow, Reflecting Animation, Snow Animation, Animated Transitions.

Not necessary to register for the service and this is another point in favor of Lunapic, just just upload your photos using the command "Browse". At that point you can begin to experience the many effects and available features of this powerful online editor Lunapic.

In addition to the many possible effects, from the Animation menu, you can give life to your photos by selecting different interesting options. Lunapic is continuous enjoyment, we recommend you save the edited photo with a different name from the original and still with the command "Undo this operation" you can undo the last change made in case you like it.

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