Neave Planetarium Online


Neave Planetarium is an online virtual planetarium of stars and planets customizable by location (latitude and longitude) and time of day. Get the correct view for your sky by setting your position on the world map in the Location menu on the right-hand side. The default location is London, England, but you can move the crosshairs on the map to view the sky from any point on Earth.

Users can move around the sky, adjusting both the time and viewing location, which can be changed to anywhere in the world. Pointing at a certain star or planet reveals its name, constellation, brightness, and its distance in light years from Earth.

Click the sky to start or stop moving around. As you move your mouse, your view will change. Pointing at a star will reveal its name, its constellation, its magnitude and its distance. You can also use the arrow keys to change the view.

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