File sharing friendlier and faster

DreaMule has an unbelievable technology mix and brings the file-sharing world exclusive resources available in DreaMule only. The plus of DreaMule is an easier searching tool and a more pleasant, user friendly interface, together with a hidden, vital enhancement which puts many people off file sharing programs.

One example is the Low2Low technology, DreaMule's resource that ends with the common problem of LowID. Fake files is a frequent problem in current file-sharing softwares. DreaMule developed a fake files detector - no more wasting of time! Besides comments from other users about quality and veracity of the file.

DreaMule resolves the issue of having a ‘low ID’. It’s an open source, ad-free application, no spyware, no virus. Multilanguage interface!

Key Features:
  • Integrated video and music codec free player!
  • User Country Identification Flags
  • Download history
  • Dismiss any setting;
  • Xtreme download control for faster downloads than ever;
  • Keyboard shortcut to hide DreaMule (with just one click you can temporarily hide DreaMule, useful to users at work)
  • Completely in your language;
  • Advanced Maella bandwitch control;
  • NAFC (feedback network control);
  • Improved upload control;
  • Xtreme credits system;
  • PowerRelease - for fast release;
  • Anti-Leecher, no more leechers that download only and harm the web!
Only for Windows. Download 6.6 Mbytes.

Link: download DreaMule

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