Repair broken AVI file

DivFix++ repairs AVI files which other programs couldn't.

DivFix++ has supports CLI tools, this means you can fix, preview and delete movies automatically via script (by using argument parameters...)
DivFix++ program code supports lots of operating system, because it´s writen by cross-platform API, wxWidgets. Compatible with Linux, Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Mac OSX.

What's New in version 0.34:

    * Added Cross Win64 compilation target.
    * Added RPM spec and DEB control files.
    * Updated About->Translators strings layout for wx2.9.0.
    * Added wxWidgets 2.9.0 compatibility.
    * Added four_cc MJPG, Motion JPEG codec.
    * Changed Makefile for some compatibility for other OS.
    * Changed install mechanizm at make file.
    * Added resource.rc file for windows theme support.
    * Added Ukranian translation by Andriy B.
    * Fixed broken CLI mode thread.
    * Cleaned unneccessary code.
    * Updated Korean, Spanish and Italian Translations to v0.33

Download 900 Kbytes.


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