Free Simple Virus Protection

AMPAWsmasherX, a simple virus protection application that can be very useful.

AMPAWsmasherX protects your system from autorun viruses. You may also use it as removing known and unknown malwares "manually" with the tools included. It will give you some protection on registry that some malwares changes as they files is being hijack which is not included when you use those tools standalone which will end your system useless.

Trojans usually add startup entry to registry and run their programs everytime windows start. It will also disable editing registry and common tools like taskmanager preventing users to remove and kill the process of these Trojans.

AMPAWsmasherX is a simple to use tool that can give offer you protection over the latest malware. It will also ask you if you want to delete programs included on the syntax of the autorun.inf. Automatic remove some known viruses and enable taskmanager, run, regedit incase disabled by viruses.

Compatible: Windows XP, Windows Vista. Download 3.8 MB.

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