Freeware to transfer pictures from digital camera

WIA-Loader transfers pictures from a camera or flash card to the PC. It offers many options to name image files and folders and give you the possibility to geocode pictures with gpx-files.


    * Fast and easy transfer of images to your computer
    * Brings structure to your photo collection
    * Uses different profiles for different tasks
    * Automatically rotates images (depending on EXIF data)
    * Embeds GPS data in your images
    * Creates HTML galleries for imported images
    * WIA-Compatible cameras can be 'remote' controlled:
          o Take pictures with a mouseclick
          o Exposure bracketing

To run WIA-Loader under Windows, you need .NET Framework 2.0 or better.  To run WIA-Loader on Linux and MacOS X, you need the Mono-Framework 2.4 as a replacement for .NET.

Compatible: Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3/Vista. Download 3.01 Mb.

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